Hair Project: Wig Making

As most of my friends know one of my go to protective styles is fixing my Brazilian weave. I have these extensions in different lengths depending on the look/style I want to achieve whilst giving my Afro hair a break. It’s also a time to nurture my natural hair underneath. It is for this reason I favour wigs being sewn on to my head as oppose to to the extension wefts being sewn directly to my plaits. My friend Tola simply sews the edges and stops at the back of my ears. I guess you could call her method of fixing my weaves a wig sew-in. She’s amazing :-) I moisturise (with a creamy eave in conditioner, sometimes water) and oil my scalp & hair underneath my wig by lifting the back and inserting my hand into the space.

Now that my darling friend has gone back to Nigeria & I do not seem to trust anyone to touch my hair … I mean they seem to either hold the plaits to tight and my last experience was severe breakage (oh yeah, I was upset but I moved on). Hence, I decided to undertake a wig making project using a lace closure at the front so none of my hair is left out (which also means using heat tools on my hair to blend is avoided too!). Also, since I am not an expert in sewing onto a human being’s head let alone mine, making a full wig seemed appropriate. Aside from not being an expert, I am also extremely slow at it but what matters is it’s finished!

I have a foam head called Keke and she was a star during the process. I mean I poked her with the needle constantly, thank God she’s only just a foam head lol. I did sew a taupe coloured material underneath the lace closure for a more realistic part in front. Still working on my closure part but I think I can still rock it. Here’s a pic below. What do you think?

Lady P.


Tools Needed:
1) Sewing Thread.
2) Needle (I used a curved needle).
3) Foam Head – similar to the one on amazon =
4) Wig Stand – to hold your head whilst you sew. Similar to this one on amazon =
5) Weaving Cap/Wig Cap – I used this brand because it has adjustable straps
6) Lace Closure – this is optional. I already have about two of this at home so made use of it. You could also make one with a fringe (so, might not need a closure) or you could make a u-part wig which would mean bringing out some leave out hair for your part in front.
7) Paddle Brush – to ensure no hair is cut between your thread whilst you sew and to ensure no tangles. Brush hair at intervals.

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10 thoughts on “Hair Project: Wig Making

  1. Since i bidded bye bye to weaves and braids. I have been wearing just wigs and i have discovered that my hair is growing so fast. Thanks for this article, now i know how to construct my own wig so ill get to work. Meanwhile why did u choose to name ur foam head Keke?. Take time oh

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