Protective Style: Chunky (Havana) Twists

Hi dearies,
As I mentioned and you might have noticed from the pictures in the post dated 07/04/2013 (sunday). I have changed up my hairstyle so I have not rocked Keke (my wig). Saturday (06/04/2013) marked me saying good bye (temporarily of course) to Keke and hello to Afrodiva. I am officially now rocking my chunky twists aka havana twists. I love them! What makes them even more amazing is the fact that people can’t tell I have added extensions because it’s not far off from my stretched hair length. Once again win win situation!! You will be aware that I tend to opt for protective styles this is to assist me in retaining length by reducing my need to manipulate my hair as well as to protect my hair from the elements (UK weather – extreme temperatures). In addition, I have a full schedule already so I do not have the time to re-style and maintain my loose afro daily (having it in a protected style reduces my maintenance time drastically). You can refer back to the post titled ‘LESSON 2: Hair GROWTH, Hair RETENTION and HAIR DAMAGE’ and this will assist in you understanding my reasoning behind this decision. First off, I loosened my plaits from my previous protective style (check post ‘Hair Project: Wig Making’) and followed with my pre-poo before washing (check post on my routine’Deep Conditioning -My Pre-poo treatment + Detangling Process’).
For those who do not know me and claim I must now suddenly have ‘Sunita’ ancestry now that my hair is showing evidence of growth. I can assure you I have that ‘konk’ Nigerian hair but thanks to some of the processes I have adapted into my regime, it has become a whole lot more manageable. Here is a pic of my hair right out the shower from washing and can I just say hair shrinkage is real! I feel like my hair shrinks 50% (actually a whole lot more than 50%) of it’s actual length after it is soaked with water (p.s. when I opt for water to moisturise and seal with an oil I just spritz my hair as oppose to soaking wet hair when it comes to maintaing a style/hair in between hair wash days).
For those who may not understand the idea of shrinkage. Well, here’s more proof here. So below you see my shrunken hair length after I washed (April 2013) and you compare it with my straightened (fully stretched – real length) natural hair December 2013 (having in mind it would have grown in the last 4months). I have accepted shrinkage as a part of my African (Nigerian) hair’s feature :-) It’s fun to be able to rock a shorter look as well as a longer look whenever you feel like with your own natural hair! God is just an awesome and creative God *chuckles*

I did not pay to get my hair done because I do not trust anyone to touch my hair here (once again I miss my dearest friend Adetola aka T-Pumps *blows kisses*) and secondly the charge is just outrageous. So, of course I opted to make it myself being that it was the weekend! I know how I am no professional and it takes me days to complete but I was willing to persevere (or let’s just say the side of me that feels she can do all things was just persistent). The worst case scenario was that I would mess up the style but it’s my head right? lol. It took me 13 hours in total (typically takes me days to get my hair or mum’s hair done thank God for scarfs!). Do I love the results? You bet I do! I tend to use different brands when it comes to my choice for kinky hair extensions (definitely not loyal in this area) because each time I want a different result/look/texture/colour. For this particular look I used 5 packets of Aftress Afro twist braid (the hair is already in individual strands depending on how thick you want each twist you can use say two strands for example to make one twist but make sure you separat each strand to make it more bulky before twisting). The pics below show how I blow dry my freshly washed hair in its sections from the pre-poo and wash and my hair like I said it is just as long as the extensions as you can barely tell by the time I twisted it up. For those wondering, I blow dry using the tension method (I will talk about this at some point, topic for another day).
*FAST FORWARDS ONE WEEK AFTER TWISTS WAS FIXED* I mentioned in the post dated 15/04/2013 that I had finally gotten round to making the tips of my chunky twists tidy by curling the ends with the assistance of PP (once again thank you dear). My man of God actually hand crafted the DIY foil paper rods I used on the ends and dipped it in hot water to get this current look on the ends. The ends look a lot less wild than it looked in the post dated 07/04/2013. The reason it took this long before I tidied up the look was that I was tired and also I work full time (plus I did not mind rocking it the way it was before changing it up after a while). We did this on the 14th of April, can I just say we ladies appreciate it when you guys get involved every once in a while in our hair journey. Nothing beats that moral support!

In terms of maintenance – I have been spraying my scalp and braids with rose water (sometimes just water – the whole idea is to moisturise) and then followed with shea butter or any oil available (to seal the moisture in) daily. Once it is bed time I tie my silk scarf and the process repeats itself in the morning. What are your thoughts on the end product?

Lady P.

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P.S. I did a short version of the style by just cutting the extension in half. Check out how it came out

41 thoughts on “Protective Style: Chunky (Havana) Twists

  1. Liking the dedication and patience you put it into your hair. For lack of a better word, for me, shrinkage is a bi~@! so much so that I’m going to get my lil TWA texturized next month…speaking of which I need to Google what that is all about, because I dont want my hair falling out even more….

    • :-) thank you! Prefer it in protective styles tho less time consuming. Texturisers pretty much have similar chemicals in relaxers just ‘milder’. One of the reasons I ended up with this new hair journey cos it lost its original body after sine years. As with any chemical process you have to be careful. Enjoy ur hair and if u make any errors along the way it’s all part of the learning process.x

  2. My Friendship! Hian! I must hail Your Man of God o, he’s trying, choi!….lol….. Shrinkage, hian! What we do for the love of our hair, then that Aunty Shrinkage comes in, ama drive her away with the blood of Jesus! Looking forward to having my Kinky done in a week, just going to let my hair breathe for a week before having my kinky done, will send pix for you to upload darling!!!! Then u can take down Oyinscolombo’s pix!!!!! :)

  3. Hi, just stumbled upon your blog and found it interesting. Wondering if you do braids or know anyone who does em good in Aberdeen. :) x

  4. Hi. How do u sleep in them?
    Will do the foil hot water ends tomorrow as I’ve just had them done today by a friend. I will moisture it daily I wasn’t sure if I should. But ill trust a lady with long flowing hair! Lol.
    Also how do u wash it n how long did u kp it inm

  5. Where did you buy the Havana Hair from. Its hard to get over here in the UK let alone London. I prefer the way havana hair looks compared to Marley braids. If i do decide to buy havana hair i’m going to have to purchase from america which is so much for shipping.

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  7. This is gorgeous.
    Could you please let me know where you bought the hair from as i would like to do this style in a few weeks.
    Thanks so much!

  8. This is really nice….
    Where can I get the Aftress Afro twist hair in Nigeria?
    I really want to make it.

  9. I stumbled on your blog yesterday and I have been hooked since. I’m going to Havana twists done tomorrow by my hairdresser. How many strands did u use for 1 twist? So I can give my hairdresser and rough idea of how big I want y twists to be. God Bless

    • Hi Elaine, thanks for stopping by. I probably used three cannot remember but my instinct says three strands. It would be a better approach to have the stylist try different number of strands and then you choose the one that best suits the look you are willing to rock. Hope that helps. Let us know how it goes or send a pic. God bless you too.

  10. Hello, your Havana twists are beautiful, would you be as so kind to pass on the details of your hairdresser? Thank you and God Bless!

  11. Hi i live in the uk and want to get my havana braids done as soon as possible.
    Where did you buy your havana braids from? or what was the brand name, because i dont want to use the kinky extensions

  12. Hi!

    I am in search of a London based hair stylist who can install Havana twists. Would you be able to recommend someone?


  13. thank you very much for this useful information as we aren’t really exposed to these Havana twists in Nigeria let alone the availability of the extensions. do u suggest supreme kinky braids as a substitute and if not which other type can be used and the specific name. appreciate your response asap

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